TEMPUS project  Waste of electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) experience and technology transfer, the goal of which is to develop the co-operation towards experience and technology transfer specialized for waste of electrical and electronic equipment in a part of information displays.

         A problem of Solid Waste Management (SWM) is under consideration of two departments of the University, that is the Department of municipal economy and management DMEM (is a part of the Institute for regional economy) and the Department of modern natural science and ecology DMNSE (is a part of the Faculty of economy and management in chemical industry).

         SWM issues are included in the academic curriculum of these Departments. There is an academic course in DMEM based on integrated approach to SWM, including economical, legislative, organizational and technological elements. DMNSE makes courses including issues of physical and chemical bases of solid waste processing and landfilling. DMEM was an initiator of two projects granted from the specialized programs of Nordic council of ministers: first concerns the development of academic activities in SWM in the framework of Nordic Grant Scheme with participating Lappeenranta University of Technology LUT (Finland) and Kalmar University KU (Sweden); second is focusing towards the development of the research training course in SWM for post-graduate students (together with LUT, KU and also Telemark University College from Norway). The developed training course has been presented on September 6 10, 2004 in Lappeenranta for 20 post graduate students from Finland, Norway, Sweden, Russia and Lithuania.

         Besides the Departement of Logistics and organization of transportations DLOT (is a part of the Faculty of economy and management in transportation) is making courses and scientific studies in logistics of waste transportation processes. DMEM is specialized in studies on improving of the whole SWM in Russia, first in St Petersburg and the Leningrad region with the aim improving of the environment and reducing of use of natural fossil fuels due to introducing some wastes. Now DMEM is taking part with colleagues from LUT in the development of schemes for processing of WEEE with including the development of national legislation in the responsibility principle. Members of the University have experience of participating in a series of international projects in different areas under the framework of EU TACIS programs (BISTRO, CBC, JEP).

         DMEM and DLOT will contribute in the management and legislation parts of the project, including motivation appropriate selective collection of waste, arrangement of financing schemes, defining charges and penalties and also taxation reducing. DMNSE will contribute in scientific aspects of WEEE processing 

 As experts of the project the following persons are participated

1. Prof. Vadim Chekalin

2. Prof. Valery Lukinsky

3. Prof. Evgeny Zaitsev

4. Associate prof. Vladimir Zakrzhevsky

5. Associate prof. Alexander Voronov

6. Senior lecturer Maria Lyubarskaya