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General Information About Department  

Department of Municipal Economy is a part of regional economy and management Institute of ENGECON. The major task of the department activity is to prepare well-qualified specialists, possessing skills of economists and managers in the field of municipal economy.

The staff of the department trains graduating students on the specialty of 080502 - Economy and management of enterprises in the field of Municipal Economy. Training of specialists is held at full-time tuition (duration of education is 5 years) and tuition by correspondence (duration of education is 5 years and 10 months).

Graduating-students meet contemporary requirements to the specialty “economist-manager”. They work as economists and managers at municipal administrations, in private companies of municipal complex, in companies and organizations of housing field, at the enterprises of municipal transport and communal power engineering, at banks and insurance companies. They also participate in activities of stock exchanges, appraiser firms, including management of property.

During their education students pass six educational practices, one professional and training practice and graduating practice in the fifth year. The final state attestation includes state examination and graduating thesis work. Graduating-students are provided with the possibility to continue their education in the post-graduate course at full-time tuition and tuition by correspondence.